What is CHEM-E-CAD and why does it exist?

The CHEM-E-CAD club at UC Davis was initiated in the Fall Quarter of 2019 by the executive board of the AIChE chapter at UC Davis for the purpose of augmenting the knowledge and skill-sets of Undergraduate Chemical Engineering students in the areas of CAD software, 3D printing, Circuits, and Industrial Automation.


Club Structure and Scope

The Club functions through a seminar under the Chemical Engineering department registration system. Meetings are held on a weekly basis and consist of lecture presentations, group discussion of concepts, and workshop/lab sessions.

The scope of the Club is focused primarily on the following areas:

·        CAD Software: Solidworks and AutoCAD.

·        3D printing applications

·        Circuit design and construction.

·        Industrial Automation: motor control, micro-controllers, basic networking, and control theory.


Mission Statement and Goals

The goal of the Club is to assist the members in developing skill-sets that compliment the knowledge gained under the Chemical Engineering major, increasing their marketability and job prospects. Club activities will be geared towards encouraging each student to create virtual and physical products that may be included in their professional portfolio. Participants will also be exposed to modern engineering tools and disciplines that are not typically included within the scope of their standard curriculum.


How to Join

Contact the Club Administrator(s) with a request to join the club. Seats may be limited due to availability of meeting space and computer workstations. Online access to club materials and lectures may be granted if no additional class seats are available.

2019-20 School Year Administrator: John Davis –


Lecture Video Repository:

The lecture videos from Spring 2020 are being uploaded to the following YouTube channel as they are created, and are open to public consumption. Take a look and give us a follow!