Desmon Hernandez


Position Title
Junior Representative


How did you find AIChE and why did you join? 

I first heard about AIChE during a class announcement by my Freshman Representatives. I decided to join because my Freshman Representatives made AIChE sound interesting and beneficial.


How has AIChE help you grow as professionally and/or personally?

AIChE has taught me responsibility and time management but most importantly it has taught me how to work with others. These people skills that I have learned will definitely help me in the future.


What's one interesting fact about you? 

An interesting fact about me is that I am a first generation college student. My mother does not have a high school education and my dad got his GED after dropping out of high school. So if you ever want advice about being a first generation college student do not hesitate to talk to me.


A food blogger is interviewing you about your favorite food, what would that food item be? 

My favorite food item has to be mac and cheese. When I say mac and cheese i do not mean the fancy mac & cheese that your family makes during the holidays but the original Kraft Mac and Cheese. You can never go wrong with the original Kraft Mac and Cheese.


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