Kevin Tang


Position Title
Presidential Advisor


How did you find AIChE and why did you join? 

I first discovered AIChE through UC Davis' College of Engineering website when I was applying to universities. Once I got to UC Davis, I attended AIChE's Mentorship "speed dating" event, where I really enjoyed meeting the members. From there I continued to go to events and wanted to be more and more involved with the club.


How has AIChE help you grow as professionally and/or personally?

For me, AIChE has been the single greatest resource for learning about what a profession in chemical engineering could be. Events such as info sessions and company tours are an invaluable opportunity to learn about different career paths and really get a sense of what chemical engineers do.


What's one interesting fact about you? 

I enjoy eating lemons as if they were oranges.


A food blogger is interviewing you about your favorite food, what would that food item be? 

Hot Cheetos


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