Nichole Yacoub


Position Title
Internal VP


How did you find AIChE and why did you join? 

When I was first considering switching into Chemical Engineering after being accepted to UC Davis as a Chemistry major, I had talked to my brother who had regretted not also majoring in Chemical Engineering during his time at UC Davis. He had originally encouraged me to look into the major, and after I got excited about it and decided on Davis, he told me about this great club that I should get involved with: AIChE. Initially, I joined AIChE because it has so many amazing networking and resume-building opportunities, and that really appealed to me as a Freshman. While this is still a major part of my love for AIChE, having a second family in my fellow board members is by far the best part about my membership.


How has AIChE help you grow as professionally and/or personally?

When I first joined AIChE, I was very shy and soft spoken. Additionally, I was still working on my ability to plan and run social and networking events. As a Freshman Representative, I regularly announced events in front of my classes and attended board meetings, which opened my eyes to what it really takes to operate a large student organization with ties to industry. Additionally, my fellow representatives and I handled the planning and operation of AIChE's exhibits during Picnic Day 2018, which taught me a lot about large project management. As the Secretary, I have had the privilege to manage the Mentorship Program and plan several events and socials through this program. I'm continuing to learn about planning events and speaking in a professional environment in my participation in both officer and executive board meetings.


What's one interesting fact about you? 

I love to compose music (although I don't get much of a chance to do this during school). I can sit at my piano for hours trying different patterns and tunes, linking them together and overlapping using the piano software. I especially enjoy making video game-type songs (I've been truly inspired by Undertale recently and can't wait to work on related projects).


A food blogger is interviewing you about your favorite food, what would that food item be? 

My answer to this question has and always will be macaroni and cheese. As a kid in preschool, I was so committed to this meal that I wrote a recipe for a recipe book which turned out to be pretty much completely wrong except for the fact that I did include something about cheese and something about macaroni. My macaroni and cheese experience was broadened in college, and I can now say that baked jalapeno is my favorite.