Resume Drop

What is the resume drop?

The resume drop is a service offered to members of the AIChE UC Davis Chapter via Dropbox. It functions similar to a "resume book"--members can submit a resume to the club's Dropbox folder, and the club's sponsors may then browse the folder for recruitment opportunities.

How do I submit my resume?

  1. Become a registered member of the club for the year.
  2. Rename your resume file. In order for us to sort your resume, the file must be in the format "firstname_lastname_studentID.extension", separated by underscores (e.g., "Jane_Doe_123456789.pdf"). Capital letters are not required. Also, we recommend submitting the file as a PDF.
  3. Click any of the four subcategories below (you may submit your resume to more than one if you wish) to access the Dropbox for that category, and submit your resume.


  • Resumes are not sorted based on the content on the file. Instead, each registered member is given a random code that determines the order their files appear to companies. We will shuffle the codes once per quarter.
  • Submitting another resume to the same category (e.g. submitting to "Energy and Utilities" twice) will not change the order your resume appears to companies, but is allowed if you want to fix an error. You can put a number after your last name in the filename, e.g. "Jane_Doe2_123456789.pdf", to specify a version number, and we will let it through.
  • 8AM-10AM PST on Saturdays has been reserved for maintenance. If you submit your resume during this time, it may be lost.
  • Files larger than 5MB will be deleted. This shouldn't be an issue unless your resume has images.

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